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? ITP, Linh Trung, Thu Duc, HCM city

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DeepHub is the first AI institution in Vietnam for everyone. We boost the AI skills of participants via courses, semester/thesis projects, contests, and industry projects. The founders managed to hit on great AI ideas from the most developed countries, and now they’re bringing this innovation to the Vietnam market. If you are looking for rapid career growth and for improving AI in Vietnam, read on -- you might fit with us!

Job Description:

Participate in researching practical problems applied to the Vietnamese market.

Collect, clean, store data required for each specific problem

Regularly report the results of working with the team and superiors.

Build python library and web api products

Skills and Qualifications

Basic knowledge of some machine learning algorithms.

Can read and understand basic English documents specialized.

Experience in working with python.

Experience in using DL frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, .. is an advantage.

Having an active spirit of research and research.


Learn more knowledge about AI from experts, knowledge about product building, ...

Be connected with startups, creative people, ...

Develop solutions with practical applications for Vietnam

Supported lunch, snacks, coffee, parking, ...

Participate in seminars on AI, ...


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