Deep Anime

Deep learning-based style transfer between images has recently become a popular area of research. A common way of encoding "style" is through a feature representation based on the Gram matrix of features extracted by some pre-trained neural network or some other form of feature statistics. Such a definition is based on an arbitrary human decision and may not best capture what a style really is.

In trying to gain a better understanding of "style", we propose a metric learning-based method to explicitly encode the style of artwork. In particular, our definition of style captures the differences between artists, as shown by classification performances, and such that the style representation can be interpreted, manipulated and visualized through style-conditioned image generation through a Generative Adversarial Network. We employ this method to explore the style space of anime portrait illustrations.


Explore vivid portraits with anime style and change yourself with a new cute look


The scenery will become lovely and poetic like the graphics of the anime movies

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