In this project, we use Sequence To Sequence technology for question answering problems. We build a chatbot that can answer any question from users. The UBot can connect to Facebook Messenger, retrieve questions and immediately answer. This project helps University control data easier and save money for operating system. The features below are being developed with two different technologies and suitable for user demands.


Ubot quickly answers user-generated questions, gives answers related to certain topics, interacts directly to the questioners.


Ubot will answer related questions based on the paragraph given by users.

Alternative Text

UBOT FAQ DEMO (Oopstry later please! We’re updating)

In this Demo, Ubot answers the questions about the University of Science – Vietnam National Universities Ho Chi Minh City (questions about general issues that students often encounter)


In this Demo, Ubot answers the questions related to the paragraph typed by users. UBot will analyze information in the context and respond to the given questions